2019 in review

Normally I would do a month-by-month review of the previous year, however this year has been unique in many ways.

I finally got married in August, thus fulfilling my desire to marry my now wife before the end of the decade, happiest day of our lives.

Then came the biggest trip myself and my car had ever embarked on and the start of the battle of me vs Border Force, and my complete loss of faith in them and my stern belief that all Border Force do is let illegal immigrants into the UK and stop anyone, including British citizens, who has a legitimate reason for coming to the UK from entering without interrogation, though with Brexit happening this should change.

I passed my Amateur Radio full licence exam and got the results after what happened in August, it was the best news I had in a while and I even told the people at the RSGB exams centre this, though things have been that hectic radio has not been something I have been able to do however I am on the committee for the local radio club.

And that’s it really, as well as harassment from someone from Australia however there are bush fires there currently and despite those the individual in question is still harassing me, they cannot see my twitter anymore as I’ve finally closed the final way in for them as they’d simply not taken the hint that by virtue of being blocked and circumventing that block they were committing an offence under UK and Australian law, I simply have had enough of them, though chances are they will be asking people to follow me on twitter simply to get posts off it, I will be watching for suspicious followers in the next few days

2020 I hope to have my wife rejoin me here in the UK, and hope she is here this time next year