About me

A little about me

I’m in my early 30s, very skilled with computer hardware and CompTIA A+ certified as of November 2013, I am also quite technically minded in other areas as well such as radio communications, of which I have a separate website dedicated to this topic, and hobby electronics, so quite skilled with a soldering iron, though only for through-hole soldering at the moment, I need to practice surface-mount later when I have more time and some old components to practice on.

I also hold a driving license, limited to cars, light vans up to 3500kg, and scooters (but I need to pass compulsory basic training for scooters), which does prove useful for any potential employers where driving will be a big part of the job, though I don’t mind if driving is simply the commute to and from work.

Though currently my working role is an IT Apprentice, I am looking for other work as well, though my preference is always going to be an IT technician as that is where I am the most skilled, I am generally flexible and will do most jobs.

I run my own webserver from home, and host all but one of my sites from it, it is connected to a VDSL/FTTC connection that has been in operation since mid-October 2013, prior to that it was ADSL2+ which was not ideal, and I maintain this server on a regular basis, the machine is a used Dell PowerEdge SC1425, which is dedicated to this and an IRC bouncer at this time and sits on a shelf in my living room humming away.

I will update this page as time progresses